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The Professional Technicians at Wireless Mobile Repair have the experience and knowledge to repair your broken, cracked or smashed smartphone screens. Get in touch to fix it!

Generally, the majority of mobile devices produce mobile phones using glass on their outer layer. No matter how tough the glass is, it is always prone to breaking, cracking, and damaging when it falls on a hard surface.

At Wireless Mobile Repair, we repair your cracked, broken, or absolutely smashed screen in no time. We understand how important is your time to you, so we repair your screen within 15 minutes while you wait.

We have genuine/Premium parts while repairing or replacing your phone screen. We get your device up running as soon as possible. We get your screen fixed quickly without any fuss. And we ensure that you receive the best service possible.


Facing any battery related issues? Visit us to get your battery replaced today!

Confused if you should get your battery replaced? Get in touch with us today for the free diagnosis of your phone. This will help you make further decisions.

Be it any problem, low battery, battery draining issues, little battery backup, or battery not charging well. Bring your phone to us.

Our skilled technicians will have a closer look at your phone, diagnose the problem for nothing, and tell you the estimated cost for the replacement of the battery.



We at Wireless Mobile Repair know exactly how to repair your smartphone camera as soon as we can. Most repairs are done within 20 minutes or while you wait.

Camera related problems may vary. While some camera problems are results of the damage caused to them that need repair and other times the camera just stops working or becomes grainy.

The technicians at Wireless Mobile Repair will restore your camera to its full working state. The device’s camera is prone to get affected, for it always remains exposed to the dirt. And over time the small protective casing on the lens can break, leaving the camera vulnerable to damage.

At Wireless Mobile Repair, we have Professional and knowledgeable technicians who know exactly how to resolve your issue. Also, you can get a free estimate for the same


Broke your smartphone’s home button? Get in touch with our experts at Wireless Mobile Repair, they know exactly how to get it done in less than 20mins.

Broken home buttons are a common issue. It can entirely disrupt your ability to operate your phone. This issue is something that needs an immediate solution.

The reason your home button doesn’t work could be because of the dirt or sticky substance around it. You might solve that issue on your own.

But if that doesn’t work, you will need a professional technician to do the job, so fret not about that. Get in touch with us today for quick and affordable repairs.



The first thing that you must do when your phone is drenched in water is not to touch it while plugged in, or not plug it in at all in the first place.

Unplug your device entirely then bring it to us. At Wireless Mobile Repair, we fix your water damaged device as soon as we can. It’s a myth that your device won’t work as it used to after water damage, which is entirely untrue.

We get your device started like new. Get in touch with us to know more about our policies and warranty.


Facing issues with your microphone? Or cannot decide if the issue is with your phone or the caller’s cell phone? Get in touch for free diagnosis today.

Do you experience getting no sound or low sound with your device? Or is there any distortion or change in sound to the caller? Then you have landed on the right page.

We have 8 years of experience in resolving such repairs. Get your device at our store and leave the rest of the job to us and we assure you that you won’t go back disappointed.

We also provide 30 days warranty from the day of your repair. The process of our job goes something like this: we diagnose the problem and let you know the estimate for free, repair your device using Premium parts, and return your device in no time.



Has your power button knocked loose or broken? Get in touch with our knowledgeable technicians at Wireless Mobile Repair and find the solution for your problems.

Cell phone buttons are affected by everyday wear and tear while using smartphones. The power button can be knocked loose or break when you happen to drop your phone

The idea of DIY when it comes to power button repair can be challenging as you are going to work with tiny and delicate pieces of your phone. You run the risk of further damage to your phone.

Technicians at Wireless Mobile Repair have the knowledge and experience to get your button working quickly. Visit our store today or call us for affordable repair solutions.


f you are not receiving any sound from your speaker, then it is probably a hardware problem with the speaker itself. However, if the sound is just distorted or fading in and out, then there could be other causes.

If troubleshooting has not helped, we are ready to fix your problem. Our expert technicians at Wireless Mobile Repair can get your speakers working again in no time



A broken iPhone back glass is ugly and dangerous, and it disfigures your phone. That’s not to mention how uncomfortable it feels to hold a phone with broken back glass when you text or call. The crack may get worse with time, and other parts of the phone may be affected. That is why you should visit Wireless Mobile Repair to get an iPhone back glass replacement service as soon as you can.

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